Humax Foxsat Capacitor Mod

This page details the modification I made to the Humax Foxsat receiver to disable the LNB power output. The Capacitor Mod is required when connecting to a DC shorted antenna. The voltage that is required to power an LNB when in use cannot be turned off in the menu. This means it needs to be done by other means.

This is a simple Mod where a capacitor is installed in the RF path between the F-type connector and the PCB. Using a capacitor blocks the DC voltage going up the coax while allowing the RF through. This means that anything that requires voltage at the end of the coax will no longer receive it. EG. An LNB or LNA (Pre-Amp). This is fine if your connecting directly to an Antenna, like a 23cm Yagi. But not for connecting to an LNB on a dish for normal satellite reception.

Items required:
1x 10pF 1KV ceramic capacitor. Available here
1x Soldering Iron and a steady hand.

This MOD was done prior to me having this site and since then I have reversed the MOD so I could power an LNA. I then changed to using DC Block fittings.

FoxSat RF Path

Here you can see where I cut the RF path from the F-Type connector and has since been repaired.

You should connect your capacitor in place of the link wire you see on the right.

Soldered in position, this will block the DC voltage going up the coax. As said before it will still allow the RF signal into the box. Do remember that this will mean that you cannot use an LNB with your Humax Foxsat. You will need to remove the capacitor and replace with some wire as you can see above.

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