Latest ATV Equipment

I have added two more pieces of ATV equipment to my collection. The latest ATV Equipment that I have added is a Solent Analogue ATV Transmitter and a MINIMOSD to add text overlays to my video.

Accompanying the Solent transmitter is an 18W PA Which, when i finally get my rotator and 23cm beam up, should hopefully make a good setup.

The Solent and the PA have replaced my Comtech transmitter setup in the shack and so is connected to the Double Quad antenna (Dickie Bow) into GB3VL. The Live Stream of this repeater can be viewed here.

I have already done a mod on the Solent to make the tuning easier. The 4.7k potentiometer has been replaced with a 5k 10 turn version. Details of this mod will be in a future post.

Also tom come in a future post is the setting up / programming of the MINIMOSD.

Above is an image of my RPi running the Portsdown software where the 1Vpp output is fed into the OSD and then back into the easycap dongle and shown on the screen.

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