New Home, New Shack

Part 1

As you may of guessed from the title, I have moved house. This means, the need to build a New Shack.

This time I have lucky enough to have a larger room then what I had before. If you didn’t know, this was what it was like.

New Shack. Old Shack example

Initial Setup

Now to start off building the new Shack, We got my old desk moved in. This time it was only going to be used as my computer desk as I now have space for a second desk for all my radio equipment.

New Shack. Old desk in

After getting the PC setup and making some minor upgrades, such as a 3 monitor stand, the search began for a radios desk.

After a few days of searching I finally found one that I liked the look of and got it ordered. This was soon delivered and building commenced.

New Shack. New Desk Building

After getting the desk setup I realised I needed to make a modification to make it work as I wanted. This being to raise the shelf to get my TS 850s underneath.

New Shack. New Desk modifications

With this done it gave me plenty of room on the desk for operating and construction.

New Shack. HF Setup with Modified Desk

This for now is the New Shack setup. I still need to find some suitable shelving to put all my ATV equipment on but that will be for later once the mast is up.


Now it will be a short while before I get any sort of mast up for VHF/UHF working. The first thing I have done was to put up my weather satellite antenna.

Weather Sat Turnstyle

Getting this up allowed me to at least receive some signals from amateur satellites and also get back into decoding the NOAA and Meteor Weather satellites. I intend to get this on a higher pole soon.

As you can see the desk is already a mess as I was still in the process of unpacking.

HF Wire

Finally, on Easter Sunday, while out enjoying the sunshine I decided to put a quick something together to play some HF. I measured the length of fence I had available, found the centre point and laid out some coax. Using a 6:1 balun I had laying about and some wire I pinned the wire to the fence. Shoved the coax through the holes in the wall I had pre drilled and hooked it up to the radio.

You can only just see the wire so its good enough for me.

Now initially I connected it to the radio through my KW 107 Supermatch. This tuned most of the bands which was good. But for some reason the SWR meter didn’t react the same as the meter on the radio. 1.5:1 on the radio was showing infinity on the Supermatch, More investigation required.

So I grabbed a SO239 coupler and connected the coax to my filter loops. These then plug into the back of the radio. To my surprise, the tuner in the radio tuned all the bands I usually use. I don’t know why I didn’t try this straight away as the tuner in the TS850s is very good.

The final thing to do was to make up a couple of audio leads to connect the radio to my mixer and go on the air. A few contacts down proved the system worked surprisingly well. This can been seen on my QRZ Log. A quick model on MMANA also gave some surprising results.

Soon I will get the mast up on the side of the house this time with a rotator and some beams for 2m / 70cm and one for 23cm. Also with the collinear on the top.

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