Amateur Radio

I have been an Amateur Radio operator since November 2016. First under the call sign M6TSJ, then as 2E0SSM and now I have finally, as of Dec 12th 2018, got my full call sign of M5SJM. 

I operate from my Home QTH and also from the LSWC Shack in Aisthorpe. I wouldn’t say I am the most active of operators and mostly prefer the setting up of stations for portable events etc.. but have recently taken part in the RSGB VHF National Field Day with my club.

I have equipment for TX on UHF(including 23cm ATV), VHF and HF.

Active on 144.800Mhz APRS. Click here to view on

I upload my logs to QRZ, LOTW, ClubLog & HRDLog.