Received Weather Satellite Images

I currently receive images from two different types of satellites.

The first being the 3 operating NOAA Satellites (NOAA 15, 18 & 19)

NOAA MICR Precipitation

The second being from the Russian Meteor Satellite METOER M n2

Meteor M – RGB123 image
Meteor M2 IRrainfall image
Meteor M2 IR image
Meteor M2 IRrainfall image
Meteor M2 Thermal Image

A History of Meteor images can be view here.

The NOAA images are decoded and processed using WXtoimg and the Meteor images are processed using MeteorGIS. Both programs take the latest images and make a composite over the last few hours.

Meteor Sometimes changes the sensors that it sends down. When using sensors 1, 2 & 3 the RGB123 image will update. Currently as of writing 13/10/21 it is using sensors 1, 2 & 5. during this time the thermal, IR & IR Rainfall Images will update.