Progressing the ‘Man Den’ Side

So there has been a slight delay to putting the mast up but Im hoping to complete this in the coming weeks. In the mean time I have taken the opportunity to progress the ‘Man Den’ side of the shack.

Since first setting up my computer desk I have added the 3 monitor stand to give me some free space on the shelf. Since then the space on the wall has been calling out to me to fill with a big TV. I finally did this over the weekend so the ‘Man Den’ is virtually completed.

As you will of seen from the previous post about the Antennas. The support pole is on the wall and the rotator is now mounted to the base of it. The control cable has been rooted into the shack and operation has been tested. It is now just waiting for the main pole. I have built up a 2m/70cm beam, this will be installed along with my 23cm beam and the 2m/70cm Collinear on the top.

Above you can see the three antennas built and ready to go.

The neighbours have been asked if they would have any complaints against me putting up a mast on the back of the house with some aerials that look like TV aerials but just a bit bigger. Their response was promising so hopefully I will have no issues.

Moving onto the HF Wire. I have started planning how I can get this hung properly instead of being pinned to the fence. For starters it doesn’t comply with the new EMF Regulations for running the full 100w from my radio. I have an idea but it needs more thought and planning before I put it into action.

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