Building the Layout, Part One

So as you will of seen on other pages on my site I have an interest in railways mainly in the restoration and operating of preserved locomotives. This does mean I also enjoy running a model railway at home. For the last few years I have been unable to do this. Either by not having the space or the time to build a layout.

So today I finally got started clearing out the loft and starting the build of the boards for the layout. I intend to make it a full circle eventually but that will involve moving a shelf first. But I started out by clearing the floor of the loft by adding some more boards to the areas under the sides of the roof. This freed up the central area to build the layout.

Building the Frames

So first of all I built some simple frames to support. These will be strengthened and fixed better in place before and major building takes place.

The next step was to build a frame to support the plywood sheets on top of the frames.

I used 2 full lengths of the strips of wood leaving a gap at the end as the board will go round the shelving at the end of the loft. I may change this as I continue the build.

Here you can see the far end is supported by some posts. as mentioned above I may end up moving the board up to the wall and removing or moving the shelf.

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