First ATV Transmissions

Yesterday was a momentous occasion when I fired up the ATV transmitter to make my First ATV Transmissions. I acquired the transmitter from the Lincoln Repeater Group, at the National Hamfest 2018.


After arriving back from the Hamfest the transmitter and Double Quad (bowtie) antenna sat for a day or two. On Monday evening while tidying the shack up from bringing everything home I decided to have a look inside the box which contained the transmitter and PA.

Opening it up I found that over the years spiders had made them selves at home inside and so i decided to start to clean it out.

At that point I decided to have a look on the BATC streaming site of GB3VL to see if anyone was on. I must of been spotted in the chat list as I soon received a call from Bob, G7AVU and Simon 2E0DXE.

I showed Bob inside the transmitter as he hadn’t opened it up before selling it to me. He talked me through the different switches and connectors and also the power up sequence. It was at this point I showed them that I was testing the Double Quad antenna on my receiver.

This was soon followed by the question of am I going to have a go at transmitting.

Searching through the multitude of adapters I had (some also acquired at the Hamfest) I managed to get the transmitter connected to the antenna. I also connected up the camera and audio and carefully switched on the power.

First ATV Transmissions

For the first attempt Simon had to open up the repeater for me but there was my face coming back on the live stream. The proximity of the TX to the RX antennas stopped me from receiving the repeater myself but later in the night after tweaking the position of the antenna and adapting the cables better I was able to open up the repeater myself, have audio passing through and also be able to receive the repeater myself.

I must thank all for there help and instructions and I plan to transmit plenty in the future.

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