Land Rover Series: Passenger Foot Well

Welcome to post two of project update of my Land Rover Series 2a / 3. This update shows the process of removing the Passenger Foot Well and door Pillar and replacing them with new panels.


Doing work in the dark evenings is not easy to start with. Making the job difficult is the confined space in which I have to work in. This cannot be solved until I get to the point where she will go and stop by her own means. The reason for needed this is because moving it onto the sloped drive would make it rather difficult to push back up.

The job this time was to start removing the bodged up passenger foot well in preparation for welding in a full new section. It is a common problem on the Land Rover Series that the foot wells rot away. This is mainly because they usually have no protection from the spray and muck thrown up from the tyre’s.


Rust Removal

In the process of doing this it was found that the fixing point at the bottom of the door pillar and the pillar itself were nearly all rusted away.


Land Rover Series Rusty Door Pillar Land Rover Series Rusty old footwell









Progressively over a few evenings more and more rusty metal was removed until it was ready to be replaced with new.

Land Rover Series Starting to remove the old footwell and door pillar Land Rover Series Starting to remove the old footwell and door pillar Land Rover Series Starting to remove the old footwell and door pillar









The starting’s of a scrap pile.

The front wing was removed to provide better access to remove the final pieces and to weld the new panels in.








Finally the last pieces of the old foot well and door pillar could be removed.

New Shiny Metal

A bit of cleaning up of the metal to prep it for welding and the new pieces were offered up into place.







Some welding and painting later and i don’t think it looks too bad.










This will be top coated when the main repaint is done. The bare metal has just been primed to give it some protection.

The next job is another major one needing to be done to find out what new parts are needed. BRAKES!!

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