Land Rover Series : Dismantle old door tops

I am writing up a number of update posts for the work I have done on the Land Rover Series so far. These will be mostly in chronological order so you can follow the project.


We were approaching the winter months when I acquired the Land Rover. This meant that Work was going to be slow due to the dark nights and poor weather. The first job to do was to inspect the door tops to see if they were worth salvaging.

Land Rover Series 2a / 3 Door Tops Laid out for Inspection Glass removed from Land Rover Series 2a / 3 Door Tops








As you can see from the images, there was a lot of dirt and slime on the frames and glass. I Found multiple holes in the frames so I decided it would be easier to just get some new ones and hopefully reclaim some cost from the glass. At Some point I also need to do the same with the rear door. Although this i can tell isn’t salvageable just by looking at it.

These have now been safely stored away along with the front windscreen which is also removed at this time.

Over the next few weeks I started assessing the body work. This allowed me to put together a parts list of bits I would need.



I have started looking into the history of the vehicle. Looking at the chassis number and engine numbers rose more questions then answers. The Chassis is supposedly from  series 2a built in 1971, The Engine is from a Series 2a Lightweight, yet it is fitted with a Series 3 Dashboard.

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