Mills On The Air with the LSWC

On Sunday 8th May I took part in a club special event station. This was set up by the LSWC and was at Ellis Mill in Lincoln. The reason for this station was to take part in Mills on the Air. Their account of the event can be found here.

Mills on the Air

Mills on the Air is a Nationwide and now Europe wide activity weekend. It is part of National Mills Weekend which is run by the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings. The Radio activity side of things is managed by Denby Dale Radio Society and more information on the event can be found here.

The Day In Question

First, A healthy Breakfast

Final timings were arranged on the Saturday this was an essential task as annoyingly every year Mills on the Air weekend always coincides with the Lincoln GP Bike race. This means that alot of roads are closed early in the morning of the Sunday when we all need to get to the Mill.

So we arranged to meet at the Mill for 8am just beating the road closures and this also left time for a tip to the local Cafe for some breakfast before returning to the Mill for the gates to be opened at 9.30.

Time to Set Up

At the moment the Mill is not open to the public so to be able to operate from its grounds is a great privilege.

The setup was a HWEF on a fishing pole cut for 80m. This connected to an FTDX10 was the setup for the HF side. We also had a VHF side which I took great pleasure in operating. This was just a simple x30 on a 3m pole. The kit is actually where I stole the idea for using an old up-turned rotary washing line as a base. This was connected to an FT857 so I was well versed in its operation.

Operating Time

So with a cold drink in hand, the weather was very warm for once, I sat down at the VHF station and started to call. Meanwhile others had started on the HF side.

As a group we spent a fair while calling on 40m and 2m. We spoke to many local stations as well as those further afield. Many of the contacts on HF were UK Based stations with some also coming from European countries.

We all had a go on each station but preferring the Higher bands I spend most of my time working the VHF Station.

In Total we spoke to 116 people in total on the day so it was very enjoyable. I managed to avoid sunburn for most of the day unlike some of the others who suffered in the days after.

I Look forward to participating in many other LSWC events.

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