Weather Sat Antenna Upgrades

As mentioned in a few of my previous posts it has been on the cards to move my weather sat antenna to a better position and improve the receiving equipment side of the setup.

History of my setup

So this is the setup I started with.

Upgrade 1

This then got upgraded to a longer pole as shown in the image below.

The Latest Upgrade (Upgrade 2)

The final next upgrade I wanted to do was to move the the whole thing up to the wall of the main house. Either on the wall to one side of the window of off the main mast. In the end I decided to mount it off the main mast using some sort of standoff bracket.

So I started to research into stand off brackets and spacer brackets but I couldn’t find anything that would suite my requirements. They either didn’t have a large enough gap or were way too expensive. So I decided to go with a set of 4 pole to pole clamps and some aluminium tubing. This way I could create the needed standoff gap that I required and is adjustable where necessary.

As you can see the 4 pole to pole clamps were used to create a standoff using some aluminium pipe. This is the same stuff I used for the antenna pole.

The preparation for this move has been a drawn out project. The first steps was to acquire a filtered pre-amp to mount near the mast. The Pre-amp I choose what the Uputronics 137.5MHz NOAA/APT Filtered Preamp. I Mounted this in a box and have used it in the shack up to now.

I made sure I got a box with additional space in case I decided to remote mount a Raspberry Pi running Raspberry NOAA v2.

I then Mounted this on the wall near the mast.

This preamp is powered using the bias-t of my RTL-SDR V3 Dongle.

I connected up the coax which at the moment is a run of Mini-8 down into the Shack below the mast. I don’t believe this short of a run will make that much difference but only time will tell.

With the antenna relocated it now stands proud with the rest of the mast and now also my ADSB antenna which has been mounted on the chimney.

Future Upgrades

My only choice of upgrades now is to change the antenna for a QFH style antenna which I will most likely do in the near future. I can also get a longer pole the mount the antenna on to raise it even higher in relation to the roof line. This may involve moving the setup again due to the height limitation of the rotating antennas on the mast.

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