Time to Clear Some Space

So I thought it was about time that I started to clean up some space and tidy up the man den / Shack.

One thing that has been bugging me is the network setup I had where the router, switch & printer were all sat on top of a small set of draws by the door.

The switch was fitted into a small home made 19″ rack which a few years ago was being disposed of by my Radio club. This was also in use in my old house but there it was in the loft above the shack with the cabling coming through the ceiling. But in the new house it was sat on the draws.

I was always my plan to re organise the networking in the shack but the cost has always been a put off as more important thing have taken priority. But recently I was staring to get annoyed by the lack of floor space and ‘bit the bullet’.

I ordered a networking cabinet and a power strip and shelf to put in it. But I did make a mistake in understanding the depth dimensions and found the the shelf did not fit in the cabinet and had to trim a small portion of the back to make it fit.

So with some wall bolts that I already had in stock I measured, marked out and remeasured the cabinet before finally drilling the holes in the wall. Getting the bolts to grab and tighten up was a little tricky due to the thickness of the plaster but I eventually got it up. And so far it hasn’t fallen down.

As you can see the cables still need tidying up and this will be done by installing some trunking down the wall.

My next project is to move and improve the weather Sat receiver setup so check back for when this is published.

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