Land Rover Series: Chassis Repairs

It has been a while but I have finally got round to doing some of the chassis repairs that were desperately needed. This work couldnt of been done without the help of my mate Toby who transported the Landy to his dads garage (Westhouse Garage) where we used their ramp to do the work.

The Main work that needed doing was replacing the outriggers. Some of which there was hardly anything left, others we would replace just because we had the parts to do it.

First we removed the old outriggers with the help of a plasma cutter which went through the old rusty metal with ease.

Landy Plasma Torch

With a bit of grinding afterwards we was left with a nice clean surface ready to attach the new outriggers.

Using the mounting bolt between the outrigger itself and the bulkhead to get it in the right position they were both soon welded into place.

Landy New Outrigger

After cleaning up we had a go at bleeding the breaks but we now thing the shoes need adjusting to reduce the pedal travel as currently it goes nearly all the way to the floor.

We got both sides done in the time we had but the Landy has remained up with Toby for him to do further work when he has time.

Landy and the Morris
Landy in the barn with Tobys Morris

I have more bits to give him which we forgot to take with us the first time.

More Bits for the Landrover

It also looks like the other side door pillar also needs replacing so hopefully we can get that done too.

Next plans are to remove the roof and rear tub to allow access to the rest of the chassis for investigation, repairs and painting. Hopefully after this we can get everything back together and get her running again for next year.

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