ISS SSTV 10th Feb 2019

A little later then wanted but here is the ISS SSTV images recieved on the 10th Feb 2019, the third and final day of this event.

Images were again coming in strong but unfortunately most were the same as the previous day.

After both days I managed to receive images 1 & 7 to 12.

After submitting my images I applied for the usual award certificate.

I have recorded the decoding of these last set of images which I will upload shortly to my YouTube. Do like and subscribe As I will live stream, when I can, future passes of the ISS and other amateur satellites.

Just before I wrote this post I received an email alerting me that there will be another ISS SSTV event starting this Friday 15th!

If you would like to try and recieve these images then please use a combination of my guide on Working Amateur Satellites and Guide to MMSSTV. The downlink frequency will be 145.800MHz.

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