ISS SSTV 9th Feb 2019

Friday 8th February was the start of another round of ISS SSTV transmissions.

If you want to be able to receive these SSTV images from the ISS then tune to 145.800 +/- Doppler. For more help see my page on Working Amateur Satellites.

After having trouble receiving the images on the Friday I was glad when it was anounced that there was an issue on the ISS after reports of poor signals.

The first pass on Saturday morning was also quite but listening on the following passes the Signal was back to full strength. So with signal of S9 using my x50 collinear I was thoroughly chuffed to get my first static free.image.

All passes are complete for today so I will be back listening at around 10am tomorrow. So look out for another post of tomorrows results.

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